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📩✨ Unlock Gig Opportunities with “Email Warm-Up”

Musicians, landing those dream gigs often hinges on a well-warmed email strategy known well known in the email marketing world called, “Email Warm-Up”. It ensures your messages hit the inboxes, not spam folders of bookers.

With so much spam, and scams going on now, if you get a new email address, or use one that hasn’t really sent out many emails, and starting sending out 300 per day it’ll raise a flag, and the “email police” will basically shadow ban you from emailing. So, make sure you fly under the radar. Start slowly, and build to no more than 200/day.

Why is this crucial?

1️⃣ Boost Deliverability: Maintaining a good sender reputation is key. Warm-up helps prevent your emails from being marked as spam instead of landing in inbox

2️⃣ Make a Good Impression: Consistently hitting spam folders won't help your reputation by outlook, gmail, etc… if you’re getting flagged for spam

3️⃣ Prime Inbox Real Estate: Booking agents receive tons of emails. Email warm-up increases the chances of actually reaching their inbox

How to get started:

🔆 Begin Slowly: Start with a small batch of emails to real contacts. You can use family/friends, and just have a conversation with them.

🔆 Progress Gradually: Increase outreach while maintaining quality content.

🔆 Clean Your List: Regularly remove inactive contacts.

🔆 Utilize Warm-Up Services: Tools can automate the process. See, &

Hope this tip helps get you in contact with more people

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